1st Nigerian MindGames Festival

November 2, 2017 – November 5, 2017 all-day
Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center. Ibadan
Nihinlola Street, Off Ring Road, "Joyce B" Road, South West
N5000 - N8,500
MindGames Incorporated
234 706 792 5811
1st Nigerian MindGames Festival @ Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center. Ibadan | Nigeria

This page is an overview of the tournament information. Click here to visit the event page for further information, registration, prizes and accommodation info and to follow the event as it progresses.


Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center 1, Nihinlola Street, Off Ring Road, “Joyce B” Road,  Ibadan, South West  Nigeria. Click here to visit Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center website.


Over 4 million Naira Prize Pool. Click here for cash prize distribution.


Online registration for the 1st Nigerian MindGames Festival will commence on August 15, 2017.  Registrations open till 9.00pm Thursday 2nd November 2017. Late registrations attract extra charges (see below)


To participate in the 1st Nigerian MindGames Festival 2017, you must be an active member of MGi – MindGames Incorporated. Players should sign up for their 2017 free membership by clicking here .  All players will need their assigned MGI membership number to complete registration.

Entry fees

The base entry fee in the Premier division for each event is N8500.


  • Open: N6000
  • Intermediate: N7000
  • Masters: N8500
  • Female: N5000


  • Open (unrated division): N6000
  • Masters (rated division): N8500
  • Female: N5000


  • Open: N5000

Registration starts on 15th August 2017. 

Please Note: Late registrations attract a N500 surcharge. Late registration fees have been temporarily suspended.

Registration will not be accepted after 2nd November, 2017.

Players are strictly warned that on-site (at the event venue) registration shall not be tolerated.

We accept both online payments on this website and direct bank deposits/transfers. Players are required to register online with their teller/bank deposit code as soon as bank deposits are made. Also you must be a registered member of MGi to participate in the competition. MGI membership registration is free. Please make bank payments payable to the following account:


Bank: FCMB

Account Number: 403 100 4016

Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Already registered players who cancel their registration are entitled to a refund provided the cancellation request is made and received by the organizers on or before 27th October, 2017. Any requests received after this date will not be processed and player forfeits full registration fee.

All refunds are subject to a cancellation charge of N2000.


The organizers reserve the rights to reject entries and also to modify/change the formats of event as deemed necessary to account for unforeseen special circumstances. MGi shall have no liability whatsoever for any injury, death, loss or damaged caused to, or suffered by any player, player’s guest or representative, or any equipment, clothing or personal items of a player, his guest or representative whilst at the venue, accommodation or at any other location during the tournament.




  • Dictionary:  CSW15
  • Rules: WESPA
  • Ratings: WESPA rating for Masters category only
  • Technical Director: Koyejo Adegbesan
  • Time control: 25 min/player, 10-point penalty for every additional 1 minute.
  • Challenge Penalty: 10-point penalty (per move)
  • Pairing Software: TSH – Chew Pairing System
  • Rounds: 22 rounds with best of 3-final between top 2 finishers in Masters category, 25 straight rounds for other categories.
  • Categories:
    1. Masters: Players above 1450 points on the NSF national ratings
    2. Intermediate: 1200 – 1449 points on the NSF national ratings
    3. Open: 1199 points and below. Includes new/unrated players
    4. Female: Subject to at least 30 registered female players (otherwise, registered female players will play in the category appropriate for the ratings

Players can play up if they wish but playing down is not allowed. Scrabble players can check their ratings on the NSF ratings page.


  • Rounds: 22 rounds with best of 3-final between top 2 finishers.
  • Time control: 25 minutes/player, additional 5 minutes minus a MAN/PIECE.
  • Ratings: National ratings to begin with this event.
  • Tie Breaker: First to reach crown if there is a tie
  • Rules: International 10×10 draughts (Nigerian Version)
  • Pairing Software: Swiss Manager
  • Categories: Open (All comers)
  • Referee: TBA


  • Rounds: 6 rounds
  • Time Control: 90/90 with additional 30secs per move
  • Tie-Break: Chess Buchholz system
  • Pairing Software: Swiss Manager
  • Rules: FIDE
  • Ratings: FIDE rating for Masters (Rated) category ONLY
  • Arbiter: Boyo, Paul Kehinde
  • Assistant Arbiter: TBA
  • Categories:
    1. Masters (Rated division): Players with 1901 points and above on FIDE Ratings
    2. Open (Unrated division): 1900 and below on FIDE Ratings.
    3. Female: Subject to at least 30 registered female players (otherwise, registered female players will play in the category appropriate for their ratings)

Players can play up if they wish but playing down is not allowed. Chess players can check their ratings on the FIDE ratings page

More information on formats will be available on our website in the coming weeks


  1. Please note that 10% of all prize monies will be deducted as tax (for scrabble ONLY) and top three prizes for all games will be paid by INSTANT bank transfer at the venue.
  2. We MAY add a Youth Category should we receive an encouraging number of registration for players under 18 years of age. Decision will be made on October 23rd, 2017. In the meantime, all registered U-18 players will play in the Open category. All U-18 players to forward name and proof to info@mindgamesincorporated.com. 25% of the registration fee will be refunded on confirming a Youth Category. The division will run for 2 days (Saturday Nov. 4th & Sunday Nov.5th) with 15 games to be played.
  3. The female category for chess and Scrabble is dependent on a minimum of 30 registered female players by the deadline date. If we do not meet this target, registered female players will participate in the division appropriate for their ratings at no additional fee.

Hotel and Travel Information

Information about good and cheap hotels that are close to the tournament venue and possible discounts are available on the event hotel accommodation page. Tourist information for players seeking extra curricula activities in the ancient city of Ibadan. If you would like the organizers to handle your accommodation arrangements, please email us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com   with all necessary information. Note that the mandate must be received on or before October 16, 2017.

MGi has been able to secure a 50% reduction on accommodation for participants who would like to stay at the event venue. Room can be shared between 2-3 people to further reduce cost. If you wish to avail yourself of this incredible discount, please send your request to us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com on or before October 20th. We are also working on securing a reasonable discount on meals during the event for our players. You can view the rooms on Kakanfo Inn website

We are also working on securing cheap hostel accommodation at the Liberty Stadium for less buoyant players at N500 per night. Contact us via the same email address if you are interested.

Please visit http://mindgamesincorporated.com/1st-mindgames-festival/hotel/ for other available accommodation options close to the event venue.

HotelRoom TypeNormal RatesDiscounted RatesContact
LINK MAJESTIC SUITEDELUXE12000 110002348120218478
WALLAN HOTELSTANDARD 10000 80002348098100580
METRO HOTELSTANDARD65002349074616608
MARDEB HOTELSTANDARD500040002348166094577
BOREM INNLUXURY EXECUTIVE850080002348023344339

Dressing and Code of Conduct

All players should endeavor to dress neatly and appropriately during the Festival. Unkempt and provocative dressing will not be tolerated and any player found guilty may be excused from the tournament arena.

Under 18 and Minors

A Minor Release and Consent Form will be required for all participants under the age of 18 as of November 03, 2017. The form may be downloaded and submitted in advance, or executed by a parent or guardian at registration.

Download sign and email the Minor Release and Consent Form to us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com.

Late Arrivals

It is very important for players who will be arriving on the first day of the Festival to confirm their registration with the organizers through email or phone by 08:00pm on Thursday 02 November, 2017. Players running late for the start of the event will be allowed to miss ONLY the entire first game. Any player who does not arrive at the start of round 2 will have his/her name removed from the event.


Violation of MGi Code of Conduct shall attract first and final warnings after which any player found guilty shall be expelled for 1 year. A re-acceptance fee of N25000 is payable at the expiration of the 1-year ban.

All reported incidents shall be fully investigated based on verified evidence without prejudice or favoritism. Respect for the rights of the defense of anyone who has been charged shall be guaranteed.

Further Information

Please click here to visit the main event page for further information .

This page with be updated as the Festival draws nearer. If you have urgent questions about the event, please email us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com


If you are interested in sponsoring or donating prizes of any kind to events at the MindGames Festival, please email us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com