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MindGames CEO wins convincingly in Cape Town

Less than a week before heading to Cape Town, Lukeman Owolabi was battling it out with 34 other players in Northern Ireland for the Northern Ireland Championship, winning 7 of 15 games.

Heading into this tournament, Lukeman was the new number one seed after the visa issues affecting the world Number 2, Nigel Richards prevented him from taking part.

Reflecting his top seed status, Lukeman put in a dominating performance. A high game of 658, winning the first 28 games of the event (quite possibly a world record for WESPA rated events!) and leading for 35 of the 42 rounds.

Even allowing for the fact that he dropped three of his last 6 games, his victory was emphatic seeing him win by 3 games from Zambia’s Patrick Mulumena Mpundu (in 2nd spot) with the top local performer being Trevor Hovelmeier a further 2 wins back in third.