MGi sets Ibadan aglow with first MindGames Festival

The first MindGames Festival held from the 2nd to 5th of November 2017 at Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center, Ibadan was a gathering of over 200  players and lovers of popular board games comprising of Chess, Scrabble and  Draughts (checkers) who came to watch, interact and compete. It was 3 days of fun, excitement and battle of wits within the serene halls designated as playing areas for Chess, Scrabble and Draughts at the  hotel. Thirty-three (33) of the highest ranked players including FIDE Masters Kigigha Bomo and Anwuli Daniel with IM Oladapo Adu and Bunmi Olape  and a host of several
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7 Simple Strategies for the Beginner Scrabble Player

Scrabble is a strategic word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles on a (15×15 grid of squares) board to form a word (at the start of the game) or a combination of words horizontally or vertically. Words formed must listed in a reference (list or dictionary) agreed upon by the players before the game begins. The player with the highest points at the end of the game wins the game. Here are 7 basic strategies to help you become a better player.
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