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Ladies and gentlemen,

The end of 2018 is fast approaching and as we look back on the successes recorded in the year with great satisfaction, we want to express our sincere gratitude to Almighty God, the business, club and individual partners/sponsors for their moral and financial support, and all the players and officials who were part of our success stories throughout the year. We fully appreciate the support and it is our hope that you will continue to journey with us as we forge ahead in pursuit of our dream to take scrabble to enviable heights.

Come 2019, MGI is all set to take a giant leap into the future with the aim of positioning our brand for corporate visibility and to further steer our beautiful game towards professionalism. With this in mind, we shall be taking the following steps starting from the new year;


Launch the MGI Scrabble Premier League (MSPL) 2019

We are launching the MGI SCRABBLE PREMIER LEAGUE (MSPL) in addition to our flagship MPC tournament. Here is an overview of the MSPL event…..

It will be a single-tier team league format featuring 10 teams with each team having 5 main players and 2 reserve players; 7 players in total. Each team must have at least a female player. We are starting with a 10-team format in 2019, hoping to expand the league to a two-tier 16-team format of Division A and a lower Division B in subsequent years, depending on growth and popularity of the league.

The league schedule for the first edition will be split into 4 weeks, 1 in each quarter of the year i.e WK1, WK2, WK3 and WK4 being the final week. We are looking at Lagos, Port Harcourt/Uyo, Abuja for the first 3 weeks and Lagos for final weekend but will consider other major cities should we have sponsors for befitting venues.

The winning team will go home with a reward of 1,000,000 Naira in cash and runner-up, 500,000 Naira with prizes down to the 5th team. MVP will also be rewarded with a cash prize of 100K/150K. Registration fee will be 100K for each team.

In view of the above, we are looking to partner with individuals and organisations who are interested in owning and sponsoring league teams. The owners/sponsors will be responsible for forming and managing their teams; from paying the registration fee to managing all logistics and to ensure that their teams attend every of the 4 scheduled weekends. Players selected into each of the teams can also contribute among themselves all or part of the registration fee and logistics costs, depending on the arrangement with the team owner/sponsor. We are also considering giving a token cash prize for the top 3 teams each week to offset travel expenses and other logistics.

Each registered team will be required to submit a unique team name and logo to the organisers by the deadline. Teams are allowed to have nickname and mantra….and are also advised to set up social media pages like Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram for their fans to follow. The MSPL already has a dedicated website that is currently under construction – www.mgiscrabbleleague.com. Members of the teams can reside anywhere in the country but the top 10 players on the rating list at the start of the year will be seeded simply to enable an even spread of elite players over the different league teams.

Full details of the MSPL with confirmed dates will be released before the end of the year. The plan is to kick off the MGI Scrabble Premier league on March 09, 2019.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on the MSPL or you wish to indicate your interest in forming a team, please send an email to mspl@mindgamesincorporated.com or chat me up privately on Whatsapp – +353 83 841 9666. Expression of Interest (EOI) email should be received from all interested parties on or before Friday, December 2018.


Introduce proprietary MGI rating system

MindGames Incorporated (MGI) shall introduce its proprietary rating system for scrabble and chess in Nigeria beginning from January 2019. The MGI scrabble rating system shall be used exclusively to rate the following events ONLY;

1) All MGI tournaments
2) All NSPC tournaments – Not applicable to chess
3) Tournaments organised by MGI partner clubs/associations subject to approval

The MGI scrabble rating system shall be used to determine eligibility for the MGI Annual Awards Ceremony in the current calendar year. All rated players must have played at least “x” number of games during the current year to be eligible.

The MGI rating system shall in no way replace or compete with any existing national rating system already in place for scrabble or chess, and under no circumstances will it be used for selection of players to represent Nigeria at international tournaments.

In order to abide by the conditions stipulated by the Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) for proprietary rating system, all players taking part in the first scrabble tournament of the year (provided it falls under any of the categories mentioned above) shall have a level base rating of 1400 points. New players at subsequent events, where there is at least a rated player, will have zero rating point. Chess rating details to be communicated to players in the coming weeks.

We strongly believe that introduction of a robust rating system will provide the much needed impetus and motivation for Nigerian scrabble and chess players to aspire for greatness. This is expected to have a direct positive impact on tournament participation in the country.

Consolidate the MGI in Schools Initiative

This is something we started in 2018 already but come 2019, we are stepping up a couple of gears in our effort and commitment to propagate scrabble and chess in schools across the country. With over a dozen affiliated schools expected to start off the new year under the umbrella of the MGI brand, we are well positioned to make positive impacts on the school kids socially, intellectually and psychologically.

MGI Annual Awards Ceremony

We at MGI, believe in the power of motivational incentives as it relates to personal and professional growth and that is why we have decided to start organising the MGI Annual Awards gala night from 2019 to provide all year round motivation to the Nigerian scrabble and chess players.

The list of awards and their respective criteria will be released in the coming weeks. We shall endeavour to start keeping proper and accurate records of events for the purpose of fairness and integrity of the awards.

We will appreciate it immensely if any volunteer record-keeper could come forward to work with us in this regard. Please send an email to lowolabi@mindgamesincorporated.com if you wish to take up this responsibility.

MGI Membership Program

As a strategic move to attract more corporate sponsors to align with the MGI brand, we are planning on building member database through membership subscription starting from the year 2019. The importance and significance of data in today’s business world cannot be overemphasized and we believe this will boost our chances with corporate organisations with regard to sponsorship/partnership.

We can easily generate good enough numbers through membership subscription to align with the marketing objectives of potential sponsors. The different levels of demographic associated with scrabble and chess may also fit perfectly into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals of many organisations, and we want to readily take advantage of such opportunities.

MGI membership subscription will be totally FREE and is not mandatory for players (except MSPL participants). However, non-members will definitely not be eligible for the MGI Annual Awards Ceremony and MAY pay a little more than registered members to register for all MGI events throughout the year.

We appeal to all players to take advantage of the FREE membership and play a vital role in driving the MGI brand towards corporate visibility. There are also more benefits that will become apparent over time.

MindGames Premier Championship (MPC) 2019

The full details of the Mindgames Premier Championship (MPC 2019) will be announced on February 10th, 2019. We are working on the modalities for the 2019 edition with our various partner clubs/associations. If your club would like to partner with us by hosting one of the MPC 2019 qualifiers, please email us at info@mindgamesincorporated.com on or before December 31st, 2019 to indicate interest.

Finally, we are currently in sponsorship talks with a major sponsor and if all goes well, scrabble players should expect another bumper tournament in addition to the MPC 2019.

On this note, we want to wish you all merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. See you all in 2019.

For MGI,
Lukeman Owolabi.

Mind Games