Mind Games Incorporated

With the intent of building on the success of the inaugural Nigerian MindGames Festival held in Ibadan last year, MGi is pleased and excited to announce an all-inclusive championship in 2018 tagged MINDGAMES PREMIER CHAMPIONSHIP – MPC 2018.

This year, our focus will be on scrabble and chess in order to optimize available resources. It is our hope that Draughts will return to the fold as soon as practically possible. The MindGames Premier Championship 2018 will be split into 4 qualifying events across the country with a befitting Grand Finale at the end of the year.

The new format/structure will see the games being played in 4 different regions across the country. It is our belief that the new format will be embraced by the majority of Nigerian chess and scrabble players as it is aimed to reduce the burden of long distance travels and related expenses by taking the games closer to the players.

We shall not be “walking alone” as we are blessed with the support of our partners and sponsors to bring you an unforgettable experience once again. We would like to show our sincere gratitude to the following partners/sponsors;

·         Lekki Scrabble Club, Lagos

·         Lagos Country Club, Ikeja, Lagos

·         Central Scrabble Club, Abuja

·         Neighbourhood Scrabble Club, Warri

·         Safari Recreation Club, Owerri

·         Apex Scrabble Club, Abuja

·         Linkifin Nigeria Limited, Lagos

·         Airpop Foods Limited, Lagos

·         Beulah Auto Inc., Chicago, IL

·         Zalika Garden, Garki, Abuja

·         Nigerian Scrabble Federation (NSF)

·         Nigerian Chess Federation (NCF)

·         Nigerian Scrabble Friends (NSFriends)

·         MegaSports Arena


There will be 8 regional qualifiers for chess and scrabble (combined) across the country and 1 GRAND FINALE event.

1.      8 qualifiers

2.      1 Grand Finale

3.      4 different cities

4.      500K star prize

5.      NSF, WESPA & FIDE rated

6.      Chess & scrabble


  • The qualifiers will be held in Sapele, Abuja, Lagos and Owerri and will adopt a uniform format for scrabble and chess respectively.
  • Separate qualifiers will be held for chess and scrabble.
  • The top 6 finishers from each qualifier will proceed to participate in the GRAND FINALE event.
  • Top female finisher at each qualifier will also qualify to participate in the Grand Finale event. (If a female player finishes in the top 6, the slot goes to the next in line female player).
  • 2 wildcards will automatically be awarded to the partner hosting the qualifier.
  • 2 wildcards will automatically be awarded to Lagos Country Club for hosting the Grand Finale event.
  • Wildcards to be awarded at the discretion of the organizers (MGi).
  • Already qualified players will be exempted from taking further part in the remaining qualifiers.
  • The qualifiers will be an open division with no separate categories. However, players are categorized in two classes (A & B) with prizes for up to 10 players in both classes. Spot prizes are also available for female and youth players.
  • Players who forfeit their qualification for the Grand Finale will be replaced by next in line at the qualifier from which they qualified.
  • Top prize for each qualifier is N75,000 for chess and scrabble respectively.


  • The Grand Finale will be an exclusive event for all the players who qualify from the qualifiers and wildcard awardees.
  • Total of 40 eligible players for chess and scrabble respectively.
  • The venue for the Grand Finale is the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Star prize for the Grand Finale expected to be N500,000 for chess and scrabble respectively.

If you would like to support our event in any way or form, please contact us via info@mindgamesincorporated.com. Every little counts toward the realisation of our dream.

Be informed. Be prepared. Be victorious.