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Mind Games Incorporated


Affiliated schools and their students will enjoy a range of benefits by signing up. view them here


Affiliated schools and their students will enjoy a range of benefits by signing up to the MindSports in school program.

· Eligibility to participate in the annual MGi state & national school championship
· Access to coaching materials and training equipment
· Customized souvenirs for affiliated schools
· Eligibility to be nominated for MGi annual school awards and recognition
· School listing in membership directory on MGi website
· In-school tournament for scrabble and chess to be conducted once a term
· Promote and advertise affiliated schools on our website
· Adequate preparatory platform for National Youth Games
· We offer flexible and tailored training programs to suit the school and students.
· Discounted registration fee at MGi events for students of affiliated schools


Both games have a long standing history and their efficacy in improving and enhancing human intellectual capacity has been proven beyond reasonable doubts through various research over the years. Some of the compelling benefits of the games as sports and educational tools are the following;

· Scrabble and chess are played as sports in many national and international events in which participants get the opportunity to not only win laurels, medals, trophies, scholarships and monetary awards, but also establish lifelong relationships between individuals, schools, states and countries.
· Increase problem-solving skills
· Provide the health benefit of helping prevent Alzheimer’s
· Promote imagination and creativity
· Help improve students’ concentration, schoolwork and grades
· Develop the memory, logical thinking and time management
· Promote the spirit of gamesmanship among the students
· Teach endurance, perseverance and responsibility
· Teach proper planning and foresight
· Scrabble helps improve students’ vocabulary and spelling ability
· Increase social bonding and co-operation
· Increase personal confidence and improve emotional well-being
· It’s a lot of FUN playing the games
· It keeps students away from other social vices like hard drugs and violence

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