Mind Games Incorporated

School Affiliation

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of MindSports in our society through interactive training and youth participation, to drive a new era of intellectual development, growth and productivity. We are focused and committed to implementing sustainable mind sport programs that improve the mental and psychological state of every young person in our society.

We are driven by our strong faith and belief in the possibility of creating an improving society where illiteracy, drug abuse, cultism and other social vices would be abated, and analytical ability enhanced through intellectual involvement of youth in mind sports.

Taking mind sports to schools is a step in the right direction, necessary to breed legion of erudite, selfless and exemplary leaders in our society.

Chess and scrabble instructors will visit the school on a weekly basis to teach the students the basics and fundamentals of the games. The appropriate day and time to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties at the time of signing up. We will try our very best to accommodate the requirements of the interested schools.

Affiliated schools will provide all equipment necessary to facilitate efficient and effective running of the school program. MGI will support and assist with acquisition of training materials where necessary.

The sign-up fee for each participating student will be N10,000 per term, per sport. Arrangement can also be made with parents for private lessons tailored to the needs of the students.