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Scrabble Player Profile 2

Self belief and hard work will always earn you success. This is epitomized in NWALI TOCHUKWU ENOCH aka COHEN, LAWIN. The guy is quite unpredictable on board, got a vast word power and when in his element, can play you four back to back, all “dirty words”. He hails from Ebonyi state but resident in Lagos

For someone who started playing competitive scrabble in 2014, and has risen to the masters category within a short space of time, one can easily conclude that he is a world champion in the making with so many feathers to his cap.

COHEN won the opens category of the first edition of the NSPC series in 2015, at Abeokuta, he was first runner up opens category at the second edition of the NSPC 2015, in Port-Harcourt. In the midst of “hyenas and piranhas”, he won the WESPAC/ASC qualifiers tour at Ibadan in 2015, he represented Nigeria at the ASC in Ghana 2016. He is a NIPOGA 2017 gold medalist, he was first runner up when scrabble was played by the seashore (Badagry Beach Scrabble 2017). Winner of SIP N’ SHOP, 2018, he also won the Lekki Scrabble Club Retreat, April 2018, where the only two persons that have won the ASC back to back were in attendance.

His major strength is calmness and calculated speed. ENOCH NWALI is participating in the MPC grand finale and is expected to finish up in the top 5. Lagos Country Club, expect him.