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Scrabble Profile 3

If you are diligent and committed to a course, it will sure come out aright. This is the story of Christopher Ojonimi aka DLOW. This Kogi state born and Lagos based player started playing competitive scrabble in 2017, and like I always tell him, has grown in geometric progression. He is one of the stalwarts of the Lekki scrabble club that has put a colorful blend on this our beloved game.

There is something about the number seven (7), that is associated with his achievements, he didn’t just start playing competitive scrabble in 2017, DLOW came 7th in the Wellington Classics held in 2017. Again, he was 7th in the NSPC series 5, in ancient city of Benin. When he flew from Lagos to the garden city (Port-Harcourt), for the last of the MPC qualifiers, he finished 7th again.

Interesting you would say, but there is more that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets and set you whizzing with excitement, because he intends to finish 7th at the MPC grand finale, and if it so happen, then I owe him a prize. He belong to the school of thought of tight board game style. Lagos country club, expect DLOW in a grand style at the grand finale.