Mind Games Incorporated



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What people say

Wale Ilori
MGi, is a visionary outfit with the passion of building intellects. The acronym implies MIND GAMES Incorporated, hence inspiring the culture of 'thinking outside the box'. Super KUDOS to an outfit born to reset the mindsets of human world.
Christopher Monday
MGi is our own MSI in Africa, scrabble lives in Nigeria. MGi, scrabble homestead. God bless MGi
Jack Mpakaboari
MGi is a great initiative that will pull the hearts and minds of the populace. Both young and old can be involved, same would engage them and put their minds into meaningful use. Juvenile excesses would be curtailed... Thank you MGi.
Anselm Mba
As a developer and a chess player, MGi has shown renowned ability to respond timely to mails, proffer solutions and operate at a very high level.