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Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about Membership & Games.

How do I become a member ?

MGI membership is open to all mind game players and promoters. It is simple, just sign up by clicking the membership button. Every paid member will be assigned a digital membership card valid for a year.

Is the MGI membership free ?

Signing up to become a member is free, however to access the full benefits of membership, a yearly subscription payment is required. Student members pay 50% of the original fee.

How do I learn how to play ?

There are quite a number of clubs around, find one that is close to you and become a member, there you will find a good number of willing players who will be eager and ready to put you through.

Is the MSPL about Scrabble alone ?

MSPL means MGI Scrabble Premier League. It's all about the game Scrabble. However, the MGI family welcomes all mind sport players including chess, monopoly and Draughts.

How can I join the MSPL ?

You can either join the MSPL as a player or as a team sponsor. As a player, you will have to join one of the teams in the league to be eligible. As a sponsor, you can register a team to participate in the league. A team comprises 5 players and a reserve.

How do I qualify for the Grand Slam ?

The MGI Grand Slam is an elite Scrabble tournament at the end of every season. It is open to the top 16 Scrabble players on the MGI Year to Date (YTD) ranking log and a few wildcards. Position yourself in the top 16 and you will get an automatic qualification to the grand slam.